Thursday, March 23, 2006

Everest Diaries

Just a couple of days to go. Anticipation is high. Oversized puffy jackets fill the office. Mild panic pervades. To-do lists show no sign of receding, but come Tuesday we'll be ready.
First and foremost, the Tigress Everest blog is up and running. Who knows what will be written on these pages - the deranged waffles of a group of altitude fuddled men and woman living in tents at the top of the world... but hopefully these pages will provide the outside world with a way of staying in touch with those they know and love on the Big E. No time to write more. Next stop Kathmandu.


Blogger india said...

Jen and Mark, so excited for you both, and the new development that you will be together is the best news. Looking forward to some great shots and inspirational tales. Lots and lots love, India xxxx

7:47 pm  
Blogger Anna Karatziva said...

Barny, am thinking of you lots and think this blog is amazing. I will read it and try and imagine what it is like. Perhaps it can pepare me for doing base camp sometime soon. Take care always Anna x

1:58 am  
Anonymous Martin Haywood said...

Hey Climbers,
I am a good friend of Mark Rogers...just got a long e-mail from him and so just wanted to add a few words.
Good luck to you all up there on "THE MOUNTAIN".
Take care and enjoy the view!
Love to you all,
Martin Haywood

1:39 pm  
Blogger Abbie Sharp said...

Barney, Just wanted to send you loads of warm hugs! Hope its going well. I am still in Nairobi and have just stared working full time with Viewfinders which is really exciting. Have been away loads recently but back at home now which is great. Dad away in Sudan for ages now but mum and rose send loads and loads of love. Missing you.xxxxxxx

2:54 pm  
Blogger Charlie said...

Barny! I've dragged my sorry butt off the mountains at long last and am home in bristol again. Really look fwd to seeing you safely home and hearing all about it, when you've washed, that is... Hi to Dick & Martin, Charlie xxxx

5:45 pm  

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