Monday, April 10, 2006

Everest Basecamp 5200m, 17,060ft

We have comms. Finally. Been a struggle getting the sat phones and relevant handsets, computers, software etc up and running, but it looks like we are there now. So apologies for the delay in any update, but things should be better from now until we head up to Advanced Base Camp – probably around the 16th?
Amazingly the Chinese, in their comprehensively efficient manner have put a mobile booster at the Rongbok monastery (about 20km away), so Everest basecamp now has very intermittent but lifesaving mobile signal! Texts seem to work for some networks but calls are a step too far. Come back in a couple of years and they’ll be a restaurant, hotel and internet cafe…
Martin has written an email to friends which I’ll post as it gives you a basic update on the last week through Tibet to basecamp, as well as being an alternative voice to mine.
I’ll write a bit more tomorrow and hopefully get some pics up as well.
In brief basecamp is cold, dusty and windy, but we all kinda love it…
Thanks again for checking this out and posting your comments.


Anonymous ben said...

hey bruv... it sounds damn wicked up there - it almost makes me want to climb it myself.... but then i think it mite b too much effort..! its realy good reading - keep it coming.. take care.. your little/taller bro.. berg. xxxxxx

6:21 am  

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