Friday, April 14, 2006

Heading up the hill

The first push up to Advanced Base Camp starts tomorrow. We’ll be up there a wee while acclimatising, so having just got used to the meagre luxuries of base camp, we start again. Every day is a hangover day, even though you haven’t touched a drop. Sometimes it just feels like you should drink so that you have an excuse to feel so bad. After a few days your body reacts to it all and you feel ok again, but the higher you go, the lower your level of normality and the more you put up with. Gotta love this mountaineering game.
Evenings like tonight make it worth while though - there’s a full moon and Everest, the North face and most of base camp are lit up in a truly mesmerising fashion.
In theory we should have a sat connection at advanced base camp to carry on updating this blog, but nothing is certain on this mountain – least of all technology.
Sybilla and Steve will be down here in the hut editing away, while the rest of us do battle with ABC – 6400m (21,000ft) and beyond. Once all the summiters have tagged at least camp 2 or 3 they’ll be acclimatized enough and we’ll come back down to await the perfect weather window to head to the top. It’s a crazy ambition these climbers have, but the draw of the mountain is strong and you have to respect their determination and drive. Everest looms over you wherever you are at base camp – it’s an awesome sight. Even when it is hidden by cloud, you kinda know it is there. We’re still a long way off here at BC, but over the next few days we’ll be setting foot on the mountain proper. Its two days walk to advanced base camp and from there you hit crampon point as you head up to the North Col. At 7000m (22,965ft) the North Col offers a clear view of the summit ridge, pretty much all the way to the highest point on earth.
Doesn’t bear thinking about just now. In fact I should go to bed.
Thanks again to all for checking this out.
Have a lovely Easter…?!
Love to all,


Anonymous Sas said...

Hi Barny! Wow! Sounds like the most amazing, character building time your having, ie hard but amazing. Happy Easter to you, darling bro! Loads of love, Sasxxx

3:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that not all sayings are true... I'm refering to " a picture is worth a 1000 words. " Although the pics are great (thx Barny for the group photo)our true life-line to you all (or ya'll for our American climbers) are the great write ups. Thx Sybilla , thx Barny, Keep-em-comming !!!

1:34 pm  
Anonymous serena said said...

Sitting by my woodburner in Devon sounds a tad tame! Resonance doesn´t appeared to have helped with hangover symptoms. Loving you and so many thoughts behind each step uphill.

6:06 pm  

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