Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kathmandu pics

Apologies, have to keep these picture file sizes really small


Anonymous Caline said...

hi Max - I am in paris. Hope all is good with you. Please be safe and careful.

11:06 pm  
Blogger sam and becca said...

Barney - great pic. Kathmandu is one of my favourite places on planet earth. enjoy the bustle, colour and beauty. Stay safe.

2:19 pm  
Anonymous Caline said...

Hi Max. Hope everything is going well for you. not too cold. not too tiring. Hope that food is not so bad. Always thinking about you and praying for you. Allah ma3ak. Je t'embrasse

12:16 pm  
Blogger sam and becca said...

beautiful photos barney and so nice to be able to follow your adventures on the blog. sounds like an amazing crew out there with you. have fun! loads of love becca

1:49 am  
Blogger sifi said...

Such beauty - such fluency. Will there be faces to fit the exotic names?
Breath deep .... Dad

5:16 pm  
Blogger paul said...

Hi Barney.One armed bandit here wishing you and the team lots of luck and safety.I was on Everest in 04 when I didnt manage to summit but did manage to irritate the crap out of Russ.I returned in 05 and managed to summit and to irritate even more crap out of Russ.I miss his love and affection.All the best to you and please say hello to Russ,Bill,Woody,Phetu,Brett and Martin.They were all terribly jealous of my superior good looks and intellect.Russ actually wants to be me.....Bandit.

4:42 am  
Blogger Big Vern said...

Thoroughly enjoying the posts and looking forward to some more of your photos. We’re all very envious over here, although not of the toilet situation! Will be briefly escaping from urbanisation ourselves over Easter and will send Kernow your love.
Big love, Big Vern.

3:35 am  
Blogger Lily said...

Hi Nib
We´re all down at mums for easter. Well those of us that are in the country! It´s Sas´s birthday today and we´ve all just been on your site reading it aloud from top to bottom. What an incredible experience you must be having! We´re all there with you in spirit today.
Nic´s in San Fran at the mo and she´s had to go in to hospital for a leg infection. It´s all under control and she´ll be flying home in a couple of days so there´s no need to worry, just keeping you up to speed.
Loving you loads from afar
Lil xx

3:44 pm  
Blogger jesse said...

greetings and love Barney, your peak is a different one to mine as i am on a roof in sunny bristle,workin like a dog but you my friend are out there on the edge of the world treading your dharma 'pon big old buddah everest,heres to you my man theres whiskey in the jar and i spoke to your ma today, it'd been a while and so twas good , wishing you peace up there and love,Jesse

3:15 am  

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