Sunday, April 16, 2006



Blogger Dave said...

Looks like another planet up there. What an experience it must be. Best wishes to Si Wagen with all love from the family.

Cheers and may the weather hold for you to make the ascent, Dave.

11:42 pm  
Anonymous AnnaGravelle said...

Hello Stevie - loving that beard..comin' along nicely. All sounds wicked - especially the tea fairies!!! You must be in heaven in fact you almost are!!!
Write a wee message Stevie hope your trip to ABC was cool. Anna xx

2:45 pm  
Anonymous John Sauls said...

ken, great pic of you and the team. will send it on the the bro's and dad. all is well here in s'port - 92 today, think of that to keep you warm. sent a email to you. did you get?

7:41 pm  
Anonymous Karen said...

Is that Colin 4th from the left? Can't believe how slowly the time is going but very proud of you. Everyone sends their love. Would be nice to get message from you. Rycote want publicity photos "from the top of the world!" if you can manage it. They will see you right, they say. Heard that one before somewhere! Take care darling. Luls XXX

2:19 am  
Anonymous Lauren Sauls said...

Hi Uncle Ken! It's great to be able to 'see you' via these pics from so far away. (Thanks for forwarding the site, Uncle John.) We're all thinking of you and hoping the climb goes smoothly. Can't wait to see you again and hear all about it! -Lauren

7:28 pm  

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